Nourish before Craving 渴望 初中

Nourish before Craving

It is the sign of an overnice appetite to toy with many dishes; for when they are manifold and varied, they cloy but do not nourish.

So you should always read standard authors; and when you crave a change, fall back upon those whom you read before.

Nourish before Craving

当你胃口过度渴望多方面; 和多样化的迹象时,

当太多种多样时,通常是会令人反感; 最初令人愉悦的东西。


渴望 初中
渴望 初中

Crave not for variety and plenty,

As it may fill up, yet not fulfilled.

Seek not the latest & newest aplenty,

Search that which is ready & awaits within.

StoicTaoist 坚道学
Nourish before Craving

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