Dao is Dao


The path that can be describe, is not THE PATH (Dao). A Name cannot fully describe & encompass everything. The beginning has no name,  all things that can be named, is never eternal or everlasting.

Before the universe, chaos & emptiness; there is Dao. With the beginning of universe, thus begins the Dao of nature. Living beings living in the universe, will have its guiding path. The living Dao is shown in every aspect of nature & this natural Dao is also the essence of the universal Dao. Dao in different circumstances, has different meaning, and yet it remains inseparable.

A cook following a recipe, will not make a master chef. A doctor reading a manual, will not make a skilled surgeon. A book can impart knowledge, only time can acquire artistry. Wisdom & artistry is not Dao, the journey is part of Dao…

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