Correlation of contrast


Chapter 2: 有无相生


With appreciation of beauty; the concept of ugliness is formed. When kindness is known; the wicked arises. Without any contrast, there cannot be any concept of length, height, sound, or directions. The wise takes the doctrine of noninterference, and let things take their own course. An essence & nonexistence, are mutually reciprocal of each other. To give & not to have, nurture instead of neglect, achievements & not acknowledgements. The wise seeks not recognition, and as such nothing can be taken away.

Correlation of contrast 

Creatures that develops cognition; forms perception, & on that basis, the foundation of worth is shaped. The concept; mutually reciprocal; relatively of opposite – does not mean that everything is relative & directly in contrast. One needs to differentiate, the correlation of contrast, and seek the common thread that binds them.

(inaction & doing nothing must be understood as no unnatural action rather than complete passivity)

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