Virtual bodies


Chapter 4 : 万物之宗


Dao is a virtual body, but it is not nothing, yet contains the material for creation of the universe. Diminish the sharpness, separate the entanglement, soften the glare, accommodate the dust ; esoteric and paradoxical, it is so. We know not the creation of Dao, yet it must come before the supreme.

Logos & Dao

Some scholars have put Lao Zi’s “Dao” with the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclite’s “logos” par, that the two categories of content is very close. Heraclite’s “logos” is eternal existence, everything is produced by “logos”. But it is not any god or any person created, but to create the seeds of the world, is called “ether” object. “Logis” is everywhere in nature and human society, but people can not feel its existence, but its existence is true. Lao Zi’s “Dao” also has the “logos” of these attributes and functions, the image of the two are very similar.

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