Debt of Time 时间 债务

What fools mortals be!

Time, is the one loan,

Which even a grateful recipient,

cannot repay.

We allow the things,

which can easily be replaced, be charged.

Yet we never regarded the debt of this

Precious commodity, Time!

Debt of Time

凡人 是傻瓜!


即使 感恩者,

也无法偿还 的一笔贷款。

然而,我们 轻易允许

以事物 交换 更换 时间。


这个 宝贵商品的债务时间

时间 债务

Let not others take your time away.

Let’s not exchange your time for replaceable things.

Time is not a loan that can be repaid.

Understand how precious your Time is.

Debt of Time